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6nda augusti 6htust 8nda augusti 6htuni

Sedapsi. Ingliskeelne bloog, kuna suured egod tahavad ise lugeda, mis ma nende kohta kirjutasin. :P

Two more breathtaking days have passed. I will continue from where I left off. After eating at Roni's, we went to see an Israeli movie, about the radically religious Jews, 'the penguins'. The funny thing was the moment we discovered the movie had no subtitles. Woo! So Roni took over and translated the whole thing. Thankies! The movie was called 'Secrets' if I'm not mistaken. It was about a 'penguin' girl whose father was a rabi and she herself was much more interested in studying rather than getting married. Of course she already had a husband arranged for her, but she didn't take much interest in him. At the time, there was a search for the first female rabi of Israel, and in order to fit the conditions, the girl went to study in a school in Zefat, the city where there is a high 'penguin' concentration and a school for girls. Not a real one, but a year-long course. She started sharing a room with three other girls. one of them was called Michelle and she was from France. She was not happy in the school and used every oppurtunity to show it. Things may not have improved between the two girls if they hadn't been sent to an old and sick lady to supply her with food and take care of her regularly. So the girls started getting along better. Seeing the old lady so sick made Michelle come to a thought that her friend could help her. In the 'mystical' part of Judaism, there are many 'fixes' for different diseases and problems. So the two girls made a mix of several fixes and arranged different 'mystical' actions to heal her. The old lady - she was French as well - was a Catholic and not a Jew, she had come to Zefat with her husband who had then dumped her. Her son was abroad and she had no one but the girls' school to provide her things. The school wasn't too eager to do it, though, anymore, because of her religion and her situation which was not far from death because of all those health problems. During the 'fixes', the two girls started getting along better and better. Michelle got an invitation to her roommate's house over Xmas. Sleeping in the same bed with her led to something a lot more intimate. However, Michelle also liked a musicial from Zefat whom she had met some months ago. Things got difficult and dangerous for the studious girl. Sneaking out to be with Michelle, sneaking out to do the 'fixes'... eventually, they were both expelled from the school. She left, knowing she had done the best she could to help the dying lady. She now turned down her future husband and arranged a flat for herself and Michelle to live in, in a so-called 'open relationship'. However, Michelle accepted a marriage proposal from the musician. The film ended with the two girls dancing in Michelle's wedding, which symbolised forgiveness and friendship.

Moving on. Yesterday we were taken on a tour through two Jerouze (?) villages near Haifa. The Jerouze are neither Jews nor Muslims, but still more of Arab descendance. (OK unconfirmed information here... someone please check if I got it right) Although they are loyal to the state of Israel, they think it shouldn't be established until Messiah comes. They can join the army whereas the Arabs can not. The penguins either. Although in their case, it might also be lacking of the wish to do it.
We ate wonderful falafel in (like pita, but really thin) and Yam and I got one to go. We bought three IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) T-shirts and I also got a Lucky Eye necklace which broke later that evening. Anyhow, then we returned to Roni's place, talked to Amanda on the phone (wee!) and then it was time for our train to Tel Aviv. Oh, tragedy. I left a bag of clothes at Roni's and now it will be shipped to HK.
Before leaving, we sang some Alanis Morissette songs (which means Roni sang and I tried desperately not to fail at playing the guitar while trying to sing) and took goofy photos. Thanks Roni! And her sister is really cute. :)

Train to Tel Aviv. It was quite packed so I was sitting on Yam's lap, which was not appreciated by the guy next to us. He told me not to touch him while sitting there. I wrote a funny little song. Yam and I decided to perform Dana International's 'Loveboy' at some cafe. We also made a little song to the tune of Fergie's (me myself and I?), which goes sth like this:
It's popsicle, it's popsicle
And I am licking it up with you
It's wonderful, it's wonderful
How cold it is to be with you (forgot this line...almost completely)

Tel Aviv. Went on the roof of a shopping center where the Israeli towers are. There are three: a cube, a triangle and a circle. Have to ask if they symbolise anything.
Spent 3 hours in the shopping mall, Yam saw lots of friends and complained that the falafel had not been good for the stomach. In retroflex, Yam, I agree. :P
Later we went to Rotem's place. She lives in Givataim (no idea how to spell it...?) which is... somewhere in Tel Aviv, not too far from the center. I met the Israeli first-years! We went out to eat the best sabih in the universe. (there is egg and eggplant in it) The kiosk-owners spoke like soccer commentators apparently. 2-1 derby!
At 00.30 we were back at Rotem's and pretty much went to sleep I think.

This morning we went to Sheinkin, the 'hip', 'hippie' and 'funky' part of Tel Aviv. We had some nice fruitshake and heard a lecture about orgasms by a sex shop keeper. That was quite educational. The golden egg!
Afterwards, we wandered around the Carmel market (? was it) and I got a bunch of random (cheap and necessary) stuff. We had lunch with Rotem at a really popular restaurant on King George St. After another shopping mall, we headed for Jaffa, the old part of Tel Aviv, which used to be a separate town. It was amazing: buildings that date back to thousands of years ago, different tourist groups listening to their guides, wonderful seaviews... We visited an art shop owned by two Americans, spouses, who came to Israel in 1971 and opened the shop in 1973. The artist uses silk-screening technique in his art and his works are strongly related to different meaningful aspects of life in Israel, such as the army, the national anthem, the penguins, the desert... The works were nice and after hearing the story of their lives, Rotem felt semi-forced to buy a 45-sheqel miniature of two 'penguins'. Then we went to the beach, talked about the IDF and then sat down, too numb to move. We were picked up and brought to Rotem's place where we then met a guy who lives in Rotem's apt building and wants to go to HK to do his undergraduate in engineering. Yam and Rotem had a long chat with him. Now everyone is asleep and I will finish this. Additions tomorrow or the next day. We are going to a Jewish wedding! Woo! And huge thanks to Rotem for hosting us and taking us to Jaffa! Mwack!

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