pühapäev, mai 03, 2009


http://flutracker.rhizalabs.com/ <--- siin hoitakse seagripi levikul silma peal. Ohios on juba paar kinnitatud juhtumit: kaks kolmekümnendates meest ja üks 9-aastane poiss.

http://www.postimees.ee/?id=114180 natuke seagripi-teemalist loomingut.

Uurisin ka Läti transpordivahendite kohta, juhuks kui oma bussist maha jään. Eriliselt häid variante ei ole. Kui tahan bussi või rongiga Valka saada, pean järgmise hommikuni ootama. Ptui-ptui-ptui.

Mul ei olegi midagi tarka öelda. Panen mõned luuletused hoopis siia.

is a strange story
sometimes with no evident
beginning, it starts like a

small stream, cool and candid
then one moment you
you're standing up to your
waist in water

friendship is also
a well, it is
hard work to dig it
deep enough, so that
once it stands there,
it will be yours
deep and pure
and replenishing

and friendship is like
a sunrise that brings
the world to life
it chases away away the ghosts and the
clamping cold in your bones

friendship is like many things that
we tend to take for granted
it's a tree, an ocean
an earthworm
and maybe the small toe on your
left foot

friendship is a strange story



I looked at your pictures
so many faces
so many instances of your smile

and not

you seemed so distant
yet there I was
holding you in my hands
running my fingertips across your skin
smooth and flawless
it was lacquered paper

maybe that's why I like you so much
you're the distant reality
and me the sick child
beneath the covers
looking at young birches outside my window
that sway in the wind so gracefully
when I get better, I'll climb you
I really want to


will you hold my weight?

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