kolmapäev, jaanuar 11, 2012

Day 3 at Grameen

I took a risk and wore jeans to the office today! It seemed fine, although apparently Friday is more commonly the jeans day.

Anyways, today was a great day! Well, not much happened with me besides working on the Rwanda research, but I got it done! Well, I got the sections on political and socioeconomic background and financial/microfinance sector done, but did not even manage to start on market analysis. To be honest, it did look like an intimidating piece of research, because I have only ever taken Microeconomics, and I am not even sure what I should be looking for when I'm asked to do market analysis. But turns out Grameen has someone working with some data and analyzing it, so I was freed from that part of the research.

I learned a bunch of interesting things while doing the research. One of the more fascinating/random pieces of information I found is that in Kigali, plastic bags are illegal. I'm just wondering, since most people probably arrive to the Kigali airport with some plastic bag, what does the procedure for confiscating and getting rid of them look like. Is there a detector that goes off as the luggage is checked? Hm. Hopefully someone can clarify this for me. Also, there is an intriguing (maybe not for someone who is better versed in Rwandan politics than myself) interview out there with Kagame's ex chief-of-staff who talks about Kagame's somewhat dictatorial politics.

At 3PM Linda and I went to check in with Kate on our research, and mine was deemed complete! So I left the office an hour early and went to American Art Museum. I saw some great Asian American art, as well as a photo portrait exhibit with people's reflections about being Asian American, mostly of Korean heritage. Looking forward to work tomorrow, though - there will be an interesting call meeting at 9AM with Musoni, and a microinsurance - new for me! -call meeting at 11AM.

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